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Give your web site what it needs to fulfill its role as a business and sales process automation tool.

Interact with potential customers 24/7 and close sales at no extra cost — We encourage our clients to think of their web site as a fully interactive place of business. The interactivity that you provide your web site visitors gives them answers instantly and allows them to customize their requests. Thanks to Online Databases, information is retrieved from an array of data and presented clearly to your web site visitors on demand. As long as you keep your database up-to-date, your web site can respond to your clients' requests with an answer fully tailored to their needs.

Ease of updating in-house — The web site itself is formed around database designed web pages. This construction makes it easy to for you to add and delete products such as airfares, hotels, tours, car rentals and packages. Information about each of these products is stored and displayed through a template that is used for all similar products. Since the actual content displayed on the pages is stored in databases, they can be updated without manually editing the web site. Your web pages may be updated in real time from any browser of any computer without entering a single line of code.

For hotels, for example, we create only one web page to display all records from the database. Although it appears as if each hotel has its own page, it is always the same page but with different content.



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Online Databases are the foundations to the development of any E-business Solution.

Our Booking Engine and Package Builder modules are connected to an online database of products and services which is the repository of all net rates and contracted fares.

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