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Boost your Sales — User-selected travel arrangements, paid for by credit card, without talking to an agent - once only a distant possibility, online booking is rapidly becoming the preferred practice. Visitors to your web site can have immediate and easy access to a full array of travel products and services. TWW's flexible, scalable products can be integrated into your existing web site to streamline the buying process. Your customers will appreciate the convenience, and they will be more satisfied - which translates to new revenue streams and greater future growth for you.

Reduce your Costs — By automating your different customer servicing processes, you will be able to handle the same amount of transactions, or more, at a much lower cost. Moreover you will also gain significant control over your margins and pricing strategy. The cost of advertising your special and current offerings will be cut dramatically by using new CRM tools.

Increase your Productivity and Profitability Closing sales and servicing customers will be dramatically easier with your new web site. Gone will be the days of merely booking requests. Instead of requests you will receive completed reservations. The many complex rules and contract requirements have been built into our E-travel products. The intricate task of looking up information to be sure that you are in compliance is eliminated in most cases. Clerical errors through human handling disappear, and time spent on frivolous inquiries can be recovered and applied to more productive purposes.

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Build Repeat Business — Your site will be available 24/7, providing visitors with all of the information and capability they need to complete their travel arrangements and make their payments. The instantaneous response to your prospective and existing customers adds convenience. All of the choices that are available are immediately apparent to your customers, which prompts up-selling. Moreover your web site can recognize your visitors on an individualized basis, allowing you to establish a true one-on-one relationship with them that encourages them to return as often as they have travel needs.



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